Ceramic Coating

Is your safety a priority? Do you want to keep maintenance costs down on your personal vehicle? Would you like to see measurable improvement in these areas?

If the answer is yes to these questions... We Can Help You!

Our Industry leading product, Clear Armor with scientifically proven results will provide the following  benefits when applied...

  • Increased deflection strength of the glass by up to 10x that of a non-treated piece of glass, making it less susceptible to stone bruising, pitting and breakage (Michigan State University study available)
  • Safety through better optical performance - Increased visibility/clarity = improved reaction time of operator (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study available)
  • Better moisture disbursement (hydrophobic) = improved visibility during inclement weather
  • Less dirt, (environmental contamination) and bug splatter retention – ease of cleaning
  • A reduction in transferred light refraction experienced during nighttime/sunrise conditions as well as conditions experienced during inclement weather – improved safety through glare reduction causing driver vision fatigue
  • Reduce the need for the use of harsh cleaning chemicals = environmental and maintenance benefits
  • Less frost and snow adherence by removing anchor points inherent to manufactured glassIn summary, it is possible to dramatically improve driver/operator safety, reduce the frequency of glass replacement and subsequent equipment down time, and lower maintenance costs. Driver/Operators realize improved reaction time through visual clarity during daylight hours as well as significant benefits realized during night driving and inclement weather conditions. A possible reduction in accidents and subsequent repair down time and costs required per vehicle are added benefits Supra Canada can demonstrate.

Benefits of using Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating

  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics is a modern up to date, day to day method of multifunctional protection of Ceramic Coating, it protects the paintwork by blocking the UV rays and slowing down oxidation
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics guarantees protection and care of any surface for your vehicles, providing a shield against chemical staining such as acid rain
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating provides an extra protect layer to the car’s paintwork
  •  Hassel free cleaning as Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating prevents dirt and other stains from bonding with your cars paint work
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating gives your car that extra glossy shine which gives your car appeal and value
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics helps to preserve attractiveness and increase the service life of your vehicles
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics exceeds the modern standards of detailing

Clear Armour Product Line

Supra Clear Armor “DYI kit”

Stk # SCAK-100 box image and content picture (contents of kit. Clear Armor chemical 30ml , Supra cleaning paste 60ml, scouring pad, instructions french/english, box has UPC code on it)

This is the main product, enough chemical for double coat application on full size tractor (Kenworth, Volvo, Peterbuilt etc) front windshield, single coat/application passenger and driver side glass and side mirrors. Over the counter sale or fleet sale 1 box per vehicle to be treated.

(This application time from start to finish would vary by applicator in a controlled environment, temperature and moisture sensitive.)

Supra “X” Kit

stk # SXK-300 box and contents picture (contents of kit Supra “X” pre-moistened towellettes x1, single use cleaning paste x1, single application Boost towellette x1, 1 scouring pad for glass cleaning/prep. Instructions printed on packaging, box has stock number and UPC code on it)

This product is sold as a single coat application with enough product for front glass only of a full size tractor. This kit would be sold over the counter for a single coat application on a rig or for the smaller trucks 3tonne, 5tonne or ongoing glass maintenance package for a truck that has already purchased and installed the Clear Armor kit above. This kit includes all the individual “glove box” items conveniently packaged together for a single sale point.

This would also be the ideal kit to have your outside sales team take out with them for presentation and ease of application if one of your customers wanted to “trial it” before placing a larger order.

Supra Cleanser/cleaning paste

Stk # SGC-100 product picture, 12 ml of product, UPC code ,instructions for use, glass maintenance cleaner. (this is the same item that is packaged into the above Supra X kit, but sold individually)

his single application product would sell at the parts counter and will remove all environmental contaminants from Glass, tree sap, bug and bird splatter, road wash and rectify dull finish from front windshield. Glove box item for “on the fly” glass maintenance.

Supra Reload

Stk#REL-01 product pic 60ml spray nozzle (note no UPC or Stock number on label). (this is the same item that is packaged into the above Supra X kit, but sold individually)

This product is a glove box ongoing maintenance item, perfect for on the fly cleaning of bug splatter, headlights, mirrors, leaves behind clean and protected surfaces with slight hydrophobic properties. (moisture repellency)

Supra X towellette

Stk # SXGT-100 package image (has installation instructions, UPC code, and 1 pre-moistened towellette. (this is the same item that is packaged into the above Supra X kit, but sold individually)

This single re-application packet would be sold at parts counter for seasonal re-application after the Clear Armor initial application has been completed. A “glove box item” for ongoing glass maintenance.

Supra Companies, Supra Clear Armor™ creates a chemical covalent-bond. A chemical covalent-bond means that the coating actually shares electrons with molecules in the Windshield/Glass itself, therefore becoming a part of the Windshield/Glass. Chemical Covalent-bonds are approximately 10 times stronger than hydrogen-bridge bonds, which are generally used in most other water-repellent coatings. This is what makes the Supra Clear Armor™ product so uniquely effective. Supra Clear Armor™ contains more of the key proprietary ingredients to maintain Supra Clear Armor’s™ Advantage as the Industry Leader (Highest Quality / Best Performance at an affordable price) for “Optimum Visibility”* for top performance use Reload™ when cleaning Windshields/Glass. Research has shown that independent studies done by the University of Michigan shows how important it is with reaction time strengthen durability added by a hydrophobic coating such as Supra Clear Armor™ will dramatically improve driving and safety. Tests have shown that our improved process has a remarkably low coefficient of friction when the glass is wet. When the glass is wet it is by far the most dangerous period, meaning potential for damage. The formula of the coefficient contractual angle of untreated glass is anywhere from 13 to 15 percent. When Supra Clear Armor™ is applied measuring 106 percent versus other applied coatings at 80 to 90 percent depending upon the environment. The higher the percent the higher the water repellency of the surface. Therefore, shows Supra Clear Armor™ Supra Nano-Technology which seals the surface of the windshield/glass which bonds the atoms of the treated surface of the molecular structure of the windshield/glass. Coefficient of Friction with Glass Indentor Wet – Untreated Glass 0.82/Supra Clear Armor 0.13 To make the test results for coefficient of friction useful, we have used a formula that translates the data into the force required to cause damage to the surface. Assume that a load of 10 lbs. has been placed on the rider under static conditions, and that this is the lowest load that caused cracking (no dragging). Using the formula we now calculate the load that would cause cracking to occur when the rider is dragged across the sample. Load Required to Damage Surface – Untreated Glass 0.37/Supra Clear Armor 4.00 Note that when comparing wet versus wet friction calculations indicate that it would take more than 10 times the load (4 lbs. versus .37 lbs.) to cause damage on your treated sample versus the untreated. In other words, the weight of a debris particle required to crack a piece of glass that has been treated with Supra Clear Armor™ would need to be 10 times heavier than the weight required to crack an untreated piece of glass. *Trademark by Supra Companies, LLC, 2014. All rights reserved.