Nissan Certified Pre-Owned

Uncompromising service
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Cobourg Nissan is committed to ensuring you get the absolute best value out of every vehicle.  We are proud to be a part of the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned program providing showroom quality used cars and trucks!  Contact us today to arrange a test drive or to learn more about this program.Every Nissan CPO vehicle offers a wide array of services designed to give you a helping hand when you need it most. These include: 24-hour Roadside Assistance, Traffic Accident Services, Legal Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Hazardous Weather Services and Rental Vehicle Assistance. At Cobourg Nissan, we can even help you plan your next road trip with Personalized Auto Trip Planning. Enjoy all this, plus one complimentary oil change.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your newly acquired Nissan, simply return it to us within 10 days / 1,500 km and exchange it for another Certified Nissan(1). Your dealer has complete details on this program.

Strict qualifications

Buying a Nissan CPO vehicle not only means buying a great car, but also a long list of exceptional services and warranties that we completely stand behind. All of which are ready to give you assistance and confidence for years to come. Every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle goes through a 155-point inspection to thoroughly check that all major components meet our high standards. From the chassis to the engine to the interior, nothing is overlooked.

155-point Inspection
Every Certified Pre-Owned Nissan must be in prime condition and pass a 155-point inspection. All significant components of the vehicle are scrutinized. The inspection includes:

  •     CarProof Comprehensive Vehicle History Report
  •     10-point Pre-inspection and VIN Validation
  •     16-Point Comprehensive Road Test
  •     32-point Inspection of Engine and Related Systems
  •     14-point Inspection of Braking, Suspension and Steering Systems
  •     9-point Inspection of Transmission/Drive Systems
  •     7-point Inspection of Wheels and Tires
  •     26-point Inspection of Body and Exterior
  •     36-point Inspection of Interior Amenities
  •     5-point Inspection of Supplemental Restraint Systems

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Upon successful completion, the vehicle receives a Certificate of Inspection. Only then can it be admitted into the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned program.

What Is CarProof?

CarProof is a Canadian vehicle history reporting service that provides Canadian used vehicle data to consumers, dealers, manufacturers and automotive associations.

Every Nissan CPO model includes a CarProof vehicle history report that provides you with Canadian insurance claims history and cross-Canada registration status. In fact, if a CarProof report indicates that a vehicle has been categorized as Salvage, Rebuilt, Non-repairable, Stolen, Fire/Flood-damaged or has incurred a significant insurance claim, it will never be chosen for the CPO program.

Simple Financing Solutions

If you’ve seen the selection of Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, learned about their comprehensive warranties, and read about the intense certification process each one must pass, it’s time to take the next step. Visit your local Nissan dealership to discuss your financing options.

Your local Nissan dealership offers you a streamlined purchase process. From its friendly environment and knowledgeable sales consultants to its straightforward financing and vehicle delivery, your first step inside is the first step in building a lasting relationship with us.

A warranty that delivers

Each Nissan Certified Pre-Owned comes with a standard 12-month/20,000km Basic Powertrain warranty to safeguard your peace of mind. That means any covered repair will be completed at no cost to you for the duration of your warranty.(2)


  •     Each is equipped with a minimum 12-month/20,000km Powertrain Warranty.
  •     24-hour Roadside Assistance
  •     Upgrade to the Extended Powertrain Warranty, plus extended service coverage for up to 96  months/160,000km.

Extended Powertrain
Get all the benefits of the standard Basic Powertrain warranty, plus extended service coverage all the way up to 96 months/160,000 km(3).

Major Component
Add another level of security that increases the amount of components covered in the Basic Powertrain warranty. Electrical system, brakes and the suspension are just some of the parts covered under this plan.

For an even greater boost of confidence, this plan provides coverage for a vast range of parts. On top of all the items covered in the Basic Powertrain and Major Component plans, items such as the engine management system and electrical switches are just a small portion of the additional components covered.

If you want the ultimate in convenience and security, this is the premiere plan – the closest thing to a new car warranty. With an almost complete mechanical component coverage, including all items covered in the previous plans, this plan affords piece of mind like no other.

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1 Whichever comes first.
2 See your Nissan Dealer or read the back of the application form.
3 Whichever comes first, from original in-service date.

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