Nissan First Time Buyers Program

Limited Credit? You can still get into a Nissan.

Nissan Canada is pleased to announce our First Time Buyers Program. A payment plan designed for customers with limited or no credit. The First Time Buyers Program is available on new 2013 and 2014 Versa Sedan, Versa Hatchback and Sentra vehicles.

You are eligible for this offer if you:

  • Have no prior automotive finance or lease experience
  • Have a minimum of a $500 down payment if financing
  • Meet our credit qualification guidelines
  • Meet our income requirements
  • Meet our employment requirements


You must be able to satisfy your monthly obligations with your current monthly income.


You must be 3 months in your current job and provide verification of your income or a qualified co-buyer is required.

If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, you will qualify for financing under our First Time Buyer program. Establishing good credit under our program, by making your payments on time, will make it easier for you to obtain financing in the future. You will have good credit history in no time.