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Our primary goal at Cobourg Nissan is to offer our valued customers a hassle-free, quick and smooth transition into their next new Nissan vehicle. We want to help you and your family members make every journey a memorable one and as a loyal customer, we can deliver more! If you are leasing or financing your Nissan vehicle with Nissan Canada Finance, or if you currently own a Nissan vehicle 2009 model year or newer, you and your immediate family members residing at the same address are eligible to take advantage of the Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program.

Designed with your needs in mind the Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program offers you the flexibility to adapt it to your particular situation. You decide how the Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program makes the most sense for you in your transition to your next Nissan vehicle.


Loyalty Dollars can be applied in one or more of the following four ways:

  • To reduce the Annual Percentage Rate ("APR") of an eligible new vehicle that is leased or financed through Nissan Canada Finance.
  • Amount of APR reduction will vary by model and other specifics of the lease/finance agreement. Please contact your Nissan Dealership for details. Nissan Canada Finance Loyalty Program rate adjustments cannot reduce the lease rate below 0.01% or reduce the finance rate below 0.0%.

  • Towards the purchase of the Nissan Added Security Plan ("ASP").

    You will remain responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of the ASP which are not otherwise off-set by the application of the Loyalty Dollars.

  • As an after-tax deduction from the final negotiated selling price of an eligible new vehicle.

  • To off-set your lease/finance payments on your current Nissan vehicle or towards any penalties and/or other amounts associated with ending your current lease/finance contract.

    You will remain responsible for all payments, fees, penalties and other amounts associated with your current lease/finance agreement that are not otherwise off-set by the application of the Loyalty Dollars.

Please contact Cobourg Nissan for details and any questions regarding the application of your Loyalty Dollars for your particular situation.




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